Dimensional modeling (part 3)

21 Março 2023, 13:00 António Ferreira

Dimensional modeling (part 3): slowly changing dimensions (SCD); types of SCD techniques; monster dimensions and outriggers; role-playing dimensions; conformed dimensions. Master Data Management; relation with operational systems and data warehouses; implementation procedure; principles for effective master data management; expected benefits and reasons for failure.

Dimensional modeling (part 2)

14 Março 2023, 13:00 António Ferreira

Dimensional modeling (part 2): retail sales example; primary keys and degenerate dimensions; date dimension; hierarchies in dimensions; surrogate keys in dimensions; snowflaking; analysis of dimensional models; additive, non-additive, and semi-additive measures; factless fact tables.

Dimensional modeling (part 1)

7 Março 2023, 13:00 António Ferreira

Dimensional modeling (part 1): measures, dimensions, and facts; approaches to obtaining dimensions; data cube revisited; navigating the data cube; fact tables and dimension tables; fact table grain; dimensional modeling procedure; logical and physical design. Analytical queries in SQL; classic approach; OLAP extensions for SQL-99.

Data warehousing

28 Fevereiro 2023, 13:00 António Ferreira

Data warehousing: differences between operational and Decision Support Systems (DSS); history of DSS. Data warehouse objectives; support for decision making; internal elements; comparison with federated databases. Multidimensional data models; data cubes and star schemas; operations on data cubes; data warehouse development process. Open Data definition and requirements; comparison with Big Data; data formats and distribution; some data repositories.

Course presentation

14 Fevereiro 2023, 13:00 António Ferreira

Course presentation: overview of operational and Decision Support Systems; Executive Information Systems; Business Intelligence. Course program; computational tools; teaching staff; evaluation rules; bibliography.