(Recorded) Project Listings available (sent on 23/09/2020)

1 Outubro 2020, 15:23 Jose Manuel Lourenco Coutinho Afonso

The project listings are now available.

I would ask you to send me your 3 choices by 12h00 Friday. At that point I will start the process of allocating projects. 

Allow me to recall that, given the huge pressure on the course this year (20 students this far), a student may end up being allocated a project that is not amongst his first 3 choices - this was discussed in our class, and is also detailed in the document. As I mentioned before, although we will try to accommodate your personal preferences, the purpose of the course is to allow you a first research experience in Astrophysics - and if you end up being allocated a project you haven't chosen, I hope you can see this as an opportunity to acquire some experience and get to know a topic of research you might not get to experience ever in your life.