Hello dear students, here I upload:
-The geospatial indicator 1 - Accessibility.pdf
-The geospatial indicator 2 - Land Usage.pdf
-The python code to find all nodes for public transportation

-The madrid districts with population included in the attribute table to make up for the many errors some students had with this one
-Lisbon bicycle network for land usage calculations

CORRECTION - PS: On slide 20 of indicator 1 - Accessibility pdf, it would be best to do:

number_of_points / (pop/1000) 

This way we have the indicator by 1000 habitants, it will make "visual" comparisons easier to understand instead of having a long decimal.

I will schedule an extra class for Tuesday 16th May 9h30-11h30, classroom 1.4.20

It would be best if everyone could come as I will show you a few tricks and start to talk about how you will make your map presentations for evaluation.

Good luck,
Angelo Soares