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Announcement - Erasmus students

13 Setembro 2020, 23:25 Margarida Henriques da Gama Carvalho

Dear students,

An addendum to the last announcement - given that we have two Erasmus students registered, teaching will take place in english whenever they are in attendance.
The following is a translation of the announcement.

Considering the situation as of today, the curricular unit of Omics Approaches meets the necessary conditions to start operating in alternate synchronous teaching mode - that is, with half of the students in classroom on alternate weeks - starting next week (September 23rd).

This week we will have a remote presentation class on the 16th of September from 2 to 3pm, to provide you with basic information on how the course works in the following zoom session:

Topic: AOBB presentation

Time: Sep 16, 2020 02:00 PM Lisbon


Aula remota de apresentação da UC AOBB - 16/09/2020

13 Setembro 2020, 22:39

Corpo Docente

Margarida Henriques da Gama Carvalho